Great Article on Paper Stock for Direct Mail postcard pieces

September 1, 2010

Here’s a GREAT article on which paper stock to choose when printing postcards. And if you need design and print bids for those post cards, call us!


AAF Fort Worth Meeting on Mobile marketing

March 1, 2010
The recent AAF FORT WORTH meeting was chock full of info about mobile marketing.

Need an app? We can help!

AAF Ft. Worth Talk to Mobile Marketing
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I like this quote from the AAF SmartBrief.

January 20, 2010

This is very true of me… is it of other creatives? There’s never too much information.

“The creative person wants to be a know-it-all. He wants to know about all kinds of things: ancient history, nineteenth-century mathematics, current manufacturing techniques, flower arranging, and hog futures. Because he never knows when these ideas might come together to form a new idea. It may happen six minutes later or six months, or six years down the road. But he has faith that it will happen.”
–Carl J. Ally, member, Advertising Hall of Fame

Obsolete? or not Obsolete? That is the question

December 28, 2009

In a recent online article I read by by Mike Elgan, Computerworld, entitled 10 Obsolete Technologies to Kill in 2010, I came across two items that I found debatable that directly pertain to design and advertising, so I felt like talking about them.

Item # 3 – KILL WWW. I think I would agree with. I have a lot of discussion with clients about “http://” and “www.” I’m of the opinion that these ARE obsolete. As Mr. Elgan says, one’s browser fills that material in anyway. Why clutter up one’s brand with that additional “www?” It reads better without it. Think of your favorite major brand TV commercial – they don’t mention it. Some don’t even mention the “.com.” (ie: eHarmony ) I confess, I added it to my own business cards and now am wondering why? Thoughts? Any reason to keep the infamous “WWW?”

“3. WWW

The original idea with Internet addresses is that a prefix would identify the type of service provided. So, for example, identifies Apple’s “World-Wide Web” servers, and points to the company’s offerings available via the “File Transfer Protocol.”

Network administrators get to choose whether an address technically requires a “www.” But browsers fill it in for you even when you don’t type it.

That’s why saying “www” as part of an address, printing it on business cards or typing it into your browser address box is always unnecessary. We stopped using “http://” years ago, and it’s time to stop using “www” as well.”
– from the article by Mr. Elgan –

Item #4 – Business Cards. On this point, Mr. Elgan and I disagree. While the technology to trade info electronically exists, I don’t think it’s in widespread use, yet. For instance, being season tix holders at the Dallas Stars’ games, I was trying to trade info with the season ticket holders who sit next to my guy and I. She had an iPhone. I, having completely drunk the Apple Kool-aid, am an addict for anything with an Apple logo and have had an iPhone for a couple of years now.  When I suggested that we “Bump” (a third-party app that just exchanges info), she didn’t have the app. What if she didn’t have an iPhone… do the apps still work on different phone platforms?  I can enter her number manually, but what happens if I’m at a networking luncheon and have only a brief moment of about 30 peoples’ time? Do I stop and enter all those numbers manually? “Wait just one more minute potential customer, while I finish typing in this last persons info…” Yikes! AND, do I want to scroll through all those numbers in my phone’s database every time I want to call my book club buddies? Not!

I think business cards, which originated as a way to introduce oneself as one arrived at another’s home, are here to stay. Simple, inexpensive, FAST advertising. As easy as shaking hands.

Talk to me… Business cards… Thumbs up? or down?

“4. Business cards

Speaking of business cards, why do we still carry around 19th-century “calling cards”? When someone gives you a business card, they’re giving you a tedious data entry job, one that most people never complete.

There are several alternatives to business cards, all superior. If the meeting is arranged by e-mail, include contact information in the invitation and reply as e-mail signatures, attached vCards, links to contact Web pages or some other electronic form.

Besides, you should always learn in advance what you can about people you’re going to meet, and that’s a good time to enter their contact information. And if you just run into someone, and exchange contact information, it’s best to do it by e-mail or some other means on the spot, with cell phones.

Adding someone to your contacts should involve double clicking or, at most, copying and pasting—not data entry.” – from the article by Mr. Elgan –

To see the rest of Mr. Elgan’s article go to

Brilliant Comment about advertising!

September 15, 2009

The first thing one must do to succeed in advertising is to have the attention of the reader. That means to be interesting. The next thing is to stick to the truth, and that means rectifying whatever’s wrong in the merchant’s business. If the truth isn’t tellable, fix it so it is. That is about all there is to it.”
–John E. Powers, member, Advertising Hall of Fame

Here’s a great article on Word of Mouth marketing!

September 10, 2009

What makes advertising evil?

June 10, 2009

I was at a networking luncheon yesterday and I heard someone say “our business is all by word of mouth. We don’t advertise and we never will.” Really?!? I’m not sure what makes advertising an element from the dark side.

It seems that people are more than willing to BE advertising (ie: the little logos on their shirts or shoes or handbags). People will pay EXTRA for products because of that and yet when it comes to building their own businesses they are offended by the idea of investing their own brand and making it public knowledge.

I think that advertising can be fun and informative. Who hasn’t laughed at a Coke commercial or thought twice about some PSA that was thought-provoking?

Advertising is the BEST way to generate “buzz.” It’s the best way to build customer trust. Ask any 3 year old, who can’t yet read, what the golden arches are and they know. Why? It’s an image that they trust. (Yeah maybe the menu could be a bit more nutritious, but they are improving – that’s another blog for another time.)

The moral to my story … if you are a business owner, don’t be afraid to advertise. It’s not evil. This is the “information age.” If your information is out there for potential clients, you WILL fall behind your competitors that inform.  In fact, you should embrace advertising and promotion at every opportunity and should budget for it. It’s the BEST way to make your business grow! Depending on your business, it might not be a service that your potential client needs all the time, but when the time comes for that need, they are going to trust a name that they remember. Why? Because you made your name memorable. You advertised.

QR code fun with your iPhone!

April 8, 2009

I’ve been reading about a new type of bar coding called QR codes. These are all the rage in Japan and sound like a great idea for anyone who has product or service information that resides in a website (ie: all of us!!!).

The idea is that one puts one’s QR code on one’s product (or one’s magazine ad, one’s t-shirt,etc.). When an individual “scans” the code with their 3G phone, it immediately takes them to the advertisers website with information about the product with the aforementioned code. What a great idea!! Potential customer can see a product, but perhaps he doesn’t have time or the cash at the moment to buy –  he can store it on his iPhone for a later purchase online? Great! That’s branding in action!!!

This is a GREAT idea for any business who has packaging or print ads. It’s an even MORE brilliant idea for businesses with outdoor (bustop, poster) advertising or those with trade show exhibits. Just think, a potential customer can come to your tradeshow booth, take a photo of your QR code from your booth and revisit your information once she is back in her office. Now your link is on her browser (bookmark, please). In this age of “pay for your luggage to travel by it’s weight,” an attendee may not take home brochures, but a photo that is on her phone is most definitely going with her.

It’s a great idea and a great way to make one’s product information convenient for one’s customer. Let us know when we can build  your exhibit booth or your product packaging! We’ll design it QR code ready!

Wanna try it? Here’s the RED design group code! Just download a QR reader on your iPhone or other 3G device (my favorite is just called Barcode) and take a shot of it. It will take you straight to!


AAF-Fort Worth’s 100th Birthday

February 18, 2009

aaf-logo1I am a member of the American Advertising Federation’s Fort Worth Chapter (AAF-FW) and am proud of it!

Tomorrow is the chapter’s 100th birthday. It is the oldest organization in the city!

Happy 100th Birthday AAF-FW!

More recent work

January 10, 2009