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Latest projects!

February 9, 2006

Happy February!

I thought I’d update everyone on the latest projects here at Red Design Group! We’ve done our monthly issue of Cabling Business Magazine. We had great fun making a Saguaro (spelled that right Brad?) cactus into a fiber optic connector! We gave it a Western “cowboy” feel.

And speaking of western theme, we did a couple of projects for Hard Bikes and Biker Pros, both with a “wanted poster” feel. They have that down and dirty look which appeals to the biker audience. Plus, if you ride and want a cool job for the spring, log onto Hard Bikes website to check out their latest job posting (see their link to the right)!

Have a great rest of February and have a happy Valentines Day!

February already?

February 3, 2006

Have I mentioned that I think that groundhog day is a scam?!? 6 more weeks of winter?!? Whatever! Here in Texas we haven’t even had winter yet and I could almost spit more than it’s rained in the last few months… I’m truly surprised that banks aren’t closed for the day, but anyway that’s enough ranting from me…

It’s been a crazy, busy week filled with mostly logo projects! Been building a couple for the ladies over at BrandEra marketing (and their clients) and one for my California clients, Mission Coast Realtors, who are starting a new venture (I’m not sure if it’s top secret or not, so you’ll have to wait for the logo to be finalized before I say more)! Postings of them soon! We need to finalize them before I can show them off. Logos are a great design experience for me. Basically, the idea is that a logo has to say everything about a business in one image, so I find logos a great challenge! It’s the design equivalent of bullet – usually, they do all the need to do in one shot and if it was done well, you’ll certainly remember it!

It’s production time for Cabling Business Magazine as well. That is always fun! I really love working with those folks. They are creative and very open to me and my “surprises.” For each issue, I’m trying to top what we did in the last issue. It’s exciting to me, that they are excited about the work we are doing!

I’ll post images of all those projects as the are completed!
Have a great February!

“All we are saying, is give peace a chance” – John and Yoko
(for you Petey!) (for some reason that keeps comin up in emails this month)

Peace out!