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January 10, 2009

In this economy…

January 10, 2009

It’s been a while, but I’m back.

I hadn’t logged on for many reasons, but now that my website host provides this service for free, I’m back on! I love a good freebie. And in this economy we all have to save money where appropriate. Now lets talk about what’s appropriate.

My take on it is this – when the economy gets tough, companies cut payroll first and advertising second. I’m not so sure either is a good idea. I can’t speak as much to the payroll topic as I can to advertising. So on that I shall speak.

I’m convinced that if a company drops it’s advertising, then it only retains old clients. Word of mouth does travel, but only so far. If you want to truly spread the word… you have to advertise your “brand.” Your brand can be your product, your service or in the case of entertainers, attorneys, doctors and other professionals, your brand is your self. Your brand is whatever you are trying to sell. And believe me, if you’re not advertising your brand… you’re not selling your brand. At least, not as much as you could be.

And to sell that brand, you TRULY need GREAT design. While your nephew who can sketch might be a talented artist, he probably doesn’t have the background and experience to properly design and Ad, brochure or website. He most definitely won’t be up to speed on the techniques required to pick the right paper, prep a file for a printer or publication or even know WHICH software to build the document in. a PDF/X-4 High-res file? SWOP proof? He won’t know what those thing even are. They can make an enormous difference in the quality and look of your ad piece. If your advertising looks cheap and the quality is bad, then what opinions do you thing your customers/clients will then have of your product?

An article, by Jan V. White, in Publishing magazine says “Design … isn’t just a service we buy…ignore it’s usefulness at your peril. Cleverly used, it is … vital to the sucess of your product.”

So, if you have a “brand” to sell… call a designer. In fact, start wth RED – a design group.